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Easy LED Sonar Heater


They say the sonar modules will not work under 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). I have tried using the  4, 10 ohm resistors but this seems to work much better, and is easier to install  for me This is how I keep my sonar module warm in the winter, all you need is a small piece of the strip of red LED's, this is where I got mine


make sure to get red, they are much hotter than other colors. (red LED's usually use more power (watts) than other colors)

you only need a piece with 3 leds o it, it wraps around the sonar perfectly (currently cost .46 cents)

Just remove the film for the adhesive and wrap around your sonar, solder the wires to 12v and use a tie wrap to hold it securely.  I hooked mine into my lighting so I can switch them on and off.

here is some pic's.3689505176?profile=original3689505302?profile=original

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6 positions for Futaba 9C Super

Here are some Photos showing how to get 6 positions on a Futaba 9C super

It will set them for these 2 switches


go to advanced settings choose PMX-6 CRV


first page 1/2 of PMX-6 CRV  should be set as shown below


Second page 2/2 of PMX-6 CRV should be set like this (below)

3689494478?profile=originalMake sure to note the order in the planner when setting up your flight modes, the switching order is not 1-6 in order.

that should do it,

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