6 positions for Futaba 9C Super

Here are some Photos showing how to get 6 positions on a Futaba 9C super

It will set them for these 2 switches


go to advanced settings choose PMX-6 CRV


first page 1/2 of PMX-6 CRV  should be set as shown below


Second page 2/2 of PMX-6 CRV should be set like this (below)

3689494478?profile=originalMake sure to note the order in the planner when setting up your flight modes, the switching order is not 1-6 in order.

that should do it,

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  • Brilliant, thanks

    Just a tweak on mine to get it right on the -50 (mine required -65), saved me loads of time and hassle trying to figure it out, my Tricopter now flies again like a Phoenix from the ashes :)

  • You have the T9 non  super model? Have you managed to set up one of the three position switches either switch E or C to give you three modes?

    I have my T9CP set up to give 6 modes but I don't use the curve mix's  6 or 7.

  • No, I have not yet been able to figure out how to set up the T9CAP with 6 modes.

  • Austin, did you manage to get your T9CAP set up with 6 modes?

  • Do you know how to set the 6 modes for the Futaba T9CAP as well?  Everything seems to be the same except the Futaba will not let me set the master channel or slv channel to 5.  Is there an extra step for the Futaba T9CAP?

  • This is very usefull. Thank you very much Xerravon!

  • First thanks to the guys working on this. I've picked up alot of info just reading all the stuff. Since I am use to flying helicopters & airplanes I wanted my switches where I'm use to changing modes so what I did and it worked was changed the C switch above to my E switch and the D switch to my F switch. Then I just followed nubli's and Eric's directions which resulted in the following: (will test when I go to field, but should work per looking at it on MP)

    Radio is a Futaba 9C Super with 2.4Mhz conversion module and RX is a R617FS

    The curve setting I used were Eric's first set: 1= minus 63% 2=  minus 40% 3= minus 22% 4= plus 10% 5= plus 49%

    With these curve setting and switch positions I got the follow:

    F dn E dn = 967 made it Stabilize FM

    F dn E center = 1522 made it Alt-hold FM

    F dn E up = 2076 made it Loiter FM

    F up E dn = 1315 made it Stabilize FM

    F up E center = 1643 made it Circle FM

    F up E up = 1804 made it Loiter FM

    Reason I duplicated some of the flight modes is because I'm still getting use to flying these things and want to make sure before I try any of other flight modes I can fly manually. I have Telemetry but haven't installed just in case of crash. Hope this helps.

  • ok guys. I got the solution. Follow Eric Thomas setting. exactly.

    here's how I do it.::

    Firstly go to ordinary screen. push left top button to enter programming. go to page 2/2. set aux channel 5 to switch C. then push bottom left button to confirm

    Secondly. go advance programming. push top left button. and choose prog-mix 6.

    Then on page 2: set master channel 5, slv channel 5, link on, switch D, pos down

    Then back to page 1: set curve 1=-71 curve 2=-40 curve 3=-17 curve 4=+10 curve 5=+59

    confirm by left bottom button.

    then link to MP through usb, or telemetry and go to config, set th mode. we will get 5 position, 6th is set to manual. push both switch C and D to see which is which mode and change accordingly

    there we go

  • I wonder if this is for a 9C super 72Mhz, I converted mine to 2.4Mhz using the module. I only get the 3 modes too. Does this matter I wonder. Maybe I'll give Futaba a call and see if they can help.

  • same thing goes to me only position 1,3,6 highlighted, 2,4 not working, wonder why

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