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3DR Y6 first flight and AutoTune

3689585462?profile=originalTakeoff weight was 2160 g, 4S 6000mAh, 8 minutes in the air.

I closed the GPS and open SONAR. Set CH7 switch AutoTune.

First, Stabilize mode and height 10 meters remain, Then, Change the flight mode to ALT HOLD

I open AutoTune, any did not happen. 
I closed AutoTune, Plane began "dancing" and I got a new PID at three minutes later.

I checked found, Remote control is set incorrectly, CH7 switch is reversed.







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I imagine this 3DR Y6, as filming a documentary on my Amazon aerial plan.

I do not use universal joints, only the damping to obtain subjective images.
FPV flight , and use Stabilize and AltHold mode, in the range of 3 km.
Use PX4FLOW maintain a high level of 3-5 meters ,
3 MB1240 attached to the front , left and right to avoid obstacles.

3DR Y6 Frame + Electronics Kit (2013 Version)
Pixhawk Autopilot System
3DR u-blox GPS with magnetometer
MB1240 XL-MaxSonar-EZ4 High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finder
3DR Radio Set with Cloverleaf Antenna
APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
TX­V1012 V2 1000mW 1.2GHz plug and play transmitter ­ Lawmate
Sony High Definition POV Action Video Camera HDR­AS30V
XM495 5 Volt 170 Degree Camera
850 Kv brushless motors
20 Amp ESCs with SimonK firmware
11x4.7 10x4.7 slow-fly APC propellers
4S 6000 mAh and 3S 2600 mAh battery pack
Vehicle weight (with battery): 6.14 lbs / 2.79 Kg

I will test .
Any suggestions , Greatly appreciated !











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UAV on the Amazon river


This article is extracted project report The UAV above Amazon River


A group of Chinese UAV enthusiasts vista the Indian tribe living in the far Amazon tropical rainforest. An encounter between two cultures takes place...

This unprecedented cultural event originates form a documentary of the same name initiated by a Chinese filmiest.

The origin of this event:

In 2000, a Chinese photographer Zhang Yanjun and his wife came to Brazil to screen Amazon River.

Having overcome countless difficulties and obstacles, they eventually travelled across the river. This adventure took 10 years and involved the participation of 83,000 Brazilian.

In 2009, the Resource magazine made a documentary named Travel Across, using the videos and images taken in the the same year, China Ministry of Culture held a Brazilian movie exhibition named The Charm of Culture for Zhang Yanjun couple.

Beijing Film Academy invited Zhang Yanjun for intellectual lecture; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences invited them to be directors of the Centre for Research on Brazil, among many other cases of cooperation.

In 2012, the Zhang couple set up a media company EDITORA RECURSO, producing documentaries, book and TV program in both China and Brazil. In March, the company held a press conference, in which Zhang released his timing plan The UAV above Amazon River.

The documentary The UAV above Amazon River is directed by EDITORA RECURSO, co-organized by China Documentary Research Center, Brazilian Aero Club and BeePHOTO company. The documentary will produce 20×30 minutes TV documentary and a large fort film atlas.


The UAV used should be electric powered multi-coper.

The copter should use open-source flight controller (for e.g., APM or PPZ). Only tri-copter, quad-copter, or Y6, X8 configuration are allowed. Endurance should be not less than 20 minutes. Flight modes should be stabilize or manual mode. Loiter, waypoint, flight route or flight in formation. Flight altitude should be form 30cm to 600m.

There will be 10 UAV enthusiasts participating.

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