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brentky commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "A 2kg drone is likely to cause injury to a human passenger once every 187 million years of operation"
"A bit late to the game here but I agree with Scott's comments.

The only difference between then and now is all media hype (and agenda).

But this is where it gets confusing...
After all, I think many of us clearly recall seeing the nose of a…"
Mar 30, 2016
brentky replied to Darius Jack's discussion Who is legally accountable in case of drone crash reported to FAA ? in ArduCopter User Group
"I smell paid DJI troll.

But don't worry. DJI still have a long way to go with their over hyped Phantom 4 visual object avoidance as beautifully demonstrated by Casey Neistat in NYC city.

Mar 29, 2016