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We believe in having a dream, living an adventure, capturing the journey, and sharing it in a way never before possible. While there are many drones available, we carry only brands and models we think are worth offering to our friends.


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drnes posted a blog post
Full article here: Comparing the DJI Phantom 3 to the 3DR SoloLooked at: design, flight time, transmitter, camera, price, use, development, and the launch videos.
Apr 14, 2015
drnes posted a blog post
We had a fun time creating 11 new drones t-shirts and wanted to share them with you all. You can see the new designs here: www.drnes.com/apparel(here are two examples:
Mar 30, 2015
drnes posted a blog post
Compared key features of each drone, including flight time, technology features, ease of getting started, camera systems, and price. Full review here: http://drnes.com/blogs/fresh/16458097-head-to-head-3dr-iris-vs-dji-... is a…
Jan 27, 2015