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Hexa back in the air

After a couple of crashes and some time getting things back in order we have updated our www.airviewmedia.com website with blogs, images, and follow up on my crashes and recovery. 

Enjoy http://www.airviewmedia.com


My ground control station and set up

  • Ammo box for transporting batteries
  • Spektrum DX8
  • Arducopter Hexa Copter apm 2.5
  • Lap top with ground control station
  • Eliminator Portable power station
  • Turnigy accucel charger
  • Turnigy 6000mah, 4S
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Unboxing udrones.com 3dr Hexa APM 2.5

Just received my udrones.com hexacopter. I had been looking for reviews and information on the product before i purchased but just couldn't fine anything out there. I bit the bullet and purchased this craft from them and was happy with their service and the quality of the product when it arrived. 

I went all out and bought the RTF version with all the bells and whistles as this was my first foray into the Arducopter world after flying the blade mqx for some time. Here is a video of unboxing the copter and running through what came in the box. 


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