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maplr ridge, bc, canada

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droner replied to Steve Burton's discussion Video on the mission planner in ArduCopter User Group
"You need to set the video input source in the Mission Planner. Under the Config/Tuning > PLanner > Select Video Device > Start.

Are you sure that you are receiving a signal through your transceiver/receiver? Vice Versa you can also set the source…"
Nov 8, 2013
droner posted a discussion
I have been having some frustrations dealing with udrones Support. I purchased a RTF Hexa with FPV on board but it appears that they sent me the wrong cable for the receiver portion. The one I received does not have video and I have yet to get this…
Nov 7, 2013
droner commented on droner's blog post Trails and Trees
"I was just walking behind it down the trail."
Oct 24, 2013
droner posted a blog post
Here is a video from an arducopter hexa of some walking trail in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Video and production need a lot of work as well as smoothing out the video itself but had to start somewhere.  You can see more pictures and videos at my…
Oct 18, 2013
droner posted a blog post
After a couple of crashes and some time getting things back in order we have updated our www.airviewmedia.com website with blogs, images, and follow up on my crashes and recovery. Enjoy http://www.airviewmedia.comMy ground control station and set…
Jun 4, 2013
droner posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hi everyone,My saga continues in spectacular fashion with another crash of my 3dr Hexa. I have included some pictures and looking for any suggestions on a fix for the motor mount rather than replacing the arms again.You can see from the pictures…
May 15, 2013
droner replied to droner's discussion Spectacular Crash - timeline - Garage test rig for Hexa? in ArduCopter User Group
"Forgot to add you can view some of my exploits and ramblings and pictures/videos at my website http://www.airviewmedia.com. "
Jan 3, 2013
droner posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I have a 3dr Hexa and man I had a spectacular crash. I believe the radio connection on the APM is loose and loses connection during normal flight.Here is what happened.Fly along fine staying low and slow to get the handle on the controls (10…
Jan 3, 2013
droner left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"This is the same set up as I have and the 11x4.7 fit fine on mine. You may want to reach out to 3dr or udrones and ask them what is up. It would be nice if they provided some type of guide for the set up even when they are RTF but i guess thank…"
Dec 18, 2012
droner posted photos
Nov 21, 2012
droner commented on droner's blog post Unboxing udrones.com 3dr Hexa APM 2.5
"I didn't document the process for getting it in the air but i needed to add the legs, the camera gimbal, and finally the props 11X4.7. I would estimate that this took about an hour. She had her maiden flight the next day and was super solid as most…"
Nov 16, 2012
droner posted a blog post
Just received my udrones.com hexacopter. I had been looking for reviews and information on the product before i purchased but just couldn't fine anything out there. I bit the bullet and purchased this craft from them and was happy with their service…
Nov 15, 2012
droner posted a photo
Udrones 3DR Hexacopter
Nov 6, 2012