Spectacular Crash - timeline - Garage test rig for Hexa?

I have a 3dr Hexa and man I had a spectacular crash. I believe the radio connection on the APM is loose and loses connection during normal flight.

Here is what happened.

  1. Fly along fine staying low and slow to get the handle on the controls (10 mins)
  2. All the sudden the machine takes off to 40 feet or so straight up (have to assume this is the fail safe kicking in going to RTL?)
  3. Raises to 40 feet or so engines cut out and it starts dropping like a stone
  4. 10 feet off ground engines throttle up and it hits the ground at an angle with a crack (the legs breaking)
  5. Props kick in and it takes off at a 45 degree angle towards huge pine trees
  6. Hits the trees at 30 feet or so with lound crunching sound and beeping of engines as they cotninue to try to turn
  7. Loud thud as the battery dissconects from dean connectors and battery hits the ground in sparks
  8. Clatter in the branches as the hexa pretending to be george of the jungle and bounces off branches to the ground
  9. Sad overweight grown man on verge of tears shaking his head wishing he had of tested more
  10. Contact suppliers looking for new parts
  11. Go to DIYdrones.com to discuss and take the gears from the community. 

Any comments, suggestions, advice, discussion? Some direction on building a testing rig in my garage would be much appreciated (pictures, build guides)? 

I have to say thanks to the modular nature of these things the damage looks to be about $40 for new arm, new legs, new spacers. Need to determine if there is any other damage and how the engine is. I also thank the opportunity to be able to discuss this with the gang


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  • I recently had a rtl due to the fact that my preconfigured quad came with a video transmitter on the same frequency as my Spektrum DX8 control system, 2.4ghz. Being a newbee to FPV, I opted for a preconfigured system to be safe. I see from your photo that you have the camera installed on your model. Mine came with a 1000mw Lawmate transmitter that over powers my controls at 12 paces during my range check. With the transmitter off I get range beyond 30 paces. I believe I was taken out in a similar manner due to the frequency conflict.
    Another man of similar stature who is awaiting a shipment of parts.
  • Sounds pretty bad, Hopefully we will find out what went wrong, so that this can be avoided in the future.

  • Your information is very interesting, but could publish tlog and log files?

  • Forgot to add you can view some of my exploits and ramblings and pictures/videos at my website http://www.airviewmedia.com

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