FPV still not working - Udrones Support?

I have been having some frustrations dealing with udrones Support. I purchased a RTF Hexa with FPV on board but it appears that they sent me the wrong cable for the receiver portion. The one I received does not have video and I have yet to get this working.

I have contacted them a number of times with no reply. Is anyone else having similar issues? Did anyone else get the incorrect cable for their FPV from Udrones? Any suggestions on a solution and how to get a resolution would be much appreciated!

I have included a picture of what they show on their site and what I recieved as far as a cable.


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  • You could just bite the bullet and get a lead locally. These leads are very common and easy to come by.

    Maybe its just not worth the effort to kick up such a fuss over a cable, i know its not the principal of the matter but when its just a lead, its easier and quicker to just get a new lead and get flying.

    My 2 cents anyway!

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