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Ok i have the Easy Star , i have gotten the Ardupilot board (dang it is so small ) i wonder if my shaky hands can solder it togather .i have ordered my 2.4 Ghz radio a Fubata 7C with the digital servos pack (these are for working another project www.paintballsentry.com it is evil MUW HA HA HA HA) i ordered my video link TX 900Mhz and from Range Video i got my camera and the Easy Star canopy replacment pan /tilt mount (very cool) .i still lack an FMA ,and GPS and a few other parts but things are procceding . the more i look at the OSD the more i like it but i wonder if i can run it in base station with video feed to an Aspire One 8.9" 8 Gig memory solid state drive XP based computer ?as far as the coding for the Ardupilot i am in over my head and i know it (sitting here with eyes bugged out in amazement and more than a bit glazzed over )i am going to have to learn to fly the Easy Star so i got a cheap battery for my Crash practice .i just hope this old dog isn`t too old
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new here

hi all ,i am new to RC and very intrested in building an AUV ,so in what is going to take some time to buy and assemble all the elements project, i have just ordered an EasyStar as my base unit off of which i will build my own drone , in my area finding a thermal is as easy as follow the Buzzard :) cause i have plenty of them around here LOL . i have spent two days going thru some of the forum and posts and can see i have a lot to learn and will need the help from other members to get this project off the ground as i am a low level computer user and know nothing about programming , my only redeeming quality is that i am a master craftsman in 11 diffirent trades and i do know a little bit of electronics (one of my surface supplied diver com`s has been running for 8 hr /5 days a week for over 18 years ).i live with my namesake a 18 year old, 40" long, beak as big as your fist , folds pennys in half for fun, Miligold Macaw , a boy names Lola (i think thats what makes him so mean lol )in a self built small 2 1/2 story log cabin set back in the woods on 5 acres of wood land and a spring fed creek running across it , it is a very rough mile out to the mailbox on what is recognised as the Worst dirt road in the county (got to love it )i have a few neighbors and unfortunately one is a known drug dealer , he lives at the very end of the road and his clients and him self are known thief`s having hit a number of my neighbors, but not me due in part to Da Macaw and my being heavily armed and an ex special service operator (read it how you will ) . due my age and the toll my profession has taken on my body , i need a way to keep an eye on that slimy bastich and as a FO in case i need to drop a few 2.77" BP mortar rounds on him and his lab MUW HA HA HA HA ha ha ha (but i really don`t need that kind of trouble !!!! )i am already very familiar with Thermal and extreme low light cameras 0.0004 Lux, better than 99% of the NV gear currently in usei hope with the assistance of you all i will be able to field a Spy in the sky so i can keep tabs on him and help keep my neighbors safe so we never have to use lethal force to protect our selvessincerlyEvilmacaw
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