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cannot update firmware

what mega ardupilot 1280 could not be used on firmware 2.5.5?
I use mega ardupilot 1280, I wanted to compose the latest frimware version but can not,, what any suggestions for me, besides having to replace ardupilot 1280 to 2560?

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Sonar source code

does anyone know where there is a library to read a sonar? I am trying to find thelibraries that exist but can not find, on the library AP_ADC_ADS7844 nor is there a function to read CH7 (Pin Sonar) ..

please help me ..
thank you ..

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auto hold altitude..


I’m working on a Quadcopter for my final project electronics engineering..


I do not use the remote because quadcopter should be able to fly automatically.
Now, I'm having a problem about the altitude hold control auto ..

I use the software and acti

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