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Our company specializes in Lens, products include fisheye Lens, no-distortion lens, DV lens, UAV camera lens, scanner lens, vehicle-mounted wide-angle lens, security and surveillance lens,meet customers professional and unconventional products demand.

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lyxlens posted a blog post
To replace the lens for Gopro Hero 3, first, prepare for the new original lens for Gopro Hero 3,Original Gorpo Hero 3 LensThen begin to open the gopro, it needs some tools, screwdriver, crowbar,tweezers.First step, unclench the front panel,Second,…
Oct 18, 2018
lyxlens replied to lyxlens's discussion Modified lens- 4.35mm no distortion lens
"This 4.35mm lens is versatile as it works in a wide variety of cameras such as the GoPro Hero, DJI Inspire 1 X3 and DJI Phantom 3/2."
Jan 4, 2018
lyxlens posted a discussion
This lens has similar depth of field as the stock lens and is sharp enough to capture 4k video while utilizing the original lens mount. Since it does not stick out of the camera more than the stock lens it works perfectly with the GoPro Hero…
Jan 4, 2018
lyxlens posted a discussion
4K Resolution Lens 5.4mm NDVI Mapping Lens Flat 12MP for DJI Phantom Camera Drone Typhoon CGO3+ Modified Agriculture IndustryNDVI is the most common vegetation index, and is used to detect live, green, or photosynthetic capacity of plant canopies in…
Jan 1, 2018
lyxlens posted a discussion
Our company is specialized in various kinds of lens, mainly including action camera lens, drones lens, cctv lens, vehicle wide-angle lens, recognition equipment lens, etc. With a huge wide range of lenses, our company could meet customers…
Dec 1, 2017