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Pixhawk DJI ESC Issue

There is a known incompatibility issue with Pixhawk FCs and DJI Tuned Propulsion Systems. And I have seen various solutions online in multiple forums, including this one. Problem is, some of those solutions are months and even years old and the info

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Battery Issue???

I have a 2250mAh 11.1v 3 cell battery that I'm using for my 450 kit build, motors are 1000Kv motors. 

Using a Pixhawk with the PX4v1.3.3 flight stack, loaded via QGC.

And I'm using an Imax B6 charger for the battery. Battery is brand new.

This is the is

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Autonomous flight protocols?

DIY drone community,

What are the best practices and protocols for full autonomous, GPS waypoint control flight?

I'm moving away from manual and stabilized flight with my 450 kit build. My flight controller is a Pixhawk running a PX4 flight stack, usin

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