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ArduCopter 3DR-B Indoor Hovering Test


Hello everyone,


just to share a hovering test video I have done today on my 3DR-B frame ArduCopter


List of items used in this build:



•ArduCopter Firmware 2.6

•APM Planner 1.1.93 Mav 1.0


Flight Controller:

•ArduPilot Mega 2.0 (APM 2.0)



•MB1200 XL-MaxSonar-EZ0

•Optical Flow Sensor 1.0

•AttoPilot Voltage and Current Sensor - 90A

•Turnigy voltage detector DC 9V to 33.6V


Remote Control & Telemetry:

•3DR Radio Telemetry Kit-915 MHz

•Spektrum AR6110e receiver

•Spektrum DX7 Transmitter

•ZIPPY Flightmax LIPO 4400mAh 3S1P 15C



•ArduCopter ESC 20 Amp (qty 4)

•Motor AC2830-358, 850Kv (qty 4)

•APC Propeller set, 10X47 SFP Style (qty 2 Sets)


Power Distribution Board:

•Quadcopter Power Distribution Board

•Deans Ultra Plug Connector, MALE (qty 4)

•Deans Ultra Plug Connector, FEMALE


Air Frame:

•M3 Black Nylon Hex Nuts (qty 4)

•M3x30mm Black Nylon Spacers (qty 4)

•M3x18mm Black Nylon Spacers (qty 4x6)

•M3x08mm Black Nylon Spacers (qty 3x4)

•M3x5mm Black Nylon Screws (qty 2x8)

•M3x5mm Stainless Steel Metal Screws (16)

•M3x30mm Stainless Steel Metal Screw (qty 4)

•M3x25mm Stainless Steel Metal Screw (qty 12)

•M3x22mm Zinc Plated Metal Screws (8)

•M3 Metal Lock Washers (qty 8)

•M3 Metal Hex Nut (qty 16)

•ArduCopter 3DR-B Frame Body

•ArduCopter 3DR-B Arms (qty 2 sets)

•ArduCopter 3DR Legs (qty 2 sets)

•3DR Sonar Mount

•ArduCopter 3DR Frame Stackup

•CD-R Spindle case cover



•Velcro Battery Strap

•Velcro Colored Straps for shock absorbers (qty 4)

•Styrofoam pads as shock absorbers (qty 4)

•Zip Ties (qty 4)





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