UAE Application for public service drones award starts:

The UAE government on Saturday announced that it has started accepting entries for the ‘UAE Drones for Good Award’ that gives prizes worth around Dh4 million. The award aims to explore how people apply the technology of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to improve people’s lives.

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  • I assure you, no coincidence.  I have asked for design credit from the folks in the UAE and never heard back.  Thanks folks, for pointing out whose frame this is.


    Safeflight Copters

  • I bought one of their frames but felt it needed some refinement as far as stiff goes.  What I did find interesting was that the UAE announced something similar in the past and featured the safeflight copter and then shortly after safefligt shut their doors and supposedly ceased production.  I thought it a strange coincidence that safeflight closed shop within days of a very wealthy country taking an interest in their products.   I would bet their still producing products but not selling them to anyone else. But hey, thats just me.

  • Too bad, it is a great consumer concept and it is from Northern California 

  • Bill - it would be great if someone could buy the moulds and put this thing back into production.
  • Developer
    Interestingly the safe flight copters frame is no more http://safeflightcopters.com
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