Eureka, CA

About Me:

Im a 30 yr old manufacturing student from northern California.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My interest mostly rests in the r&d side of multirotors and traditional helicopters to used in such fields as mapping, prospecting, and airsoft milsim.


Eureka Ca

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Justin Zito commented on Pedals2Paddles's blog post Woman who assaulted CT UAV operator given probabation that concludes with no criminal record or pusnishment
"Evenyone i
s making excellent points but the thing is this sort of stuff is just going to be come more common the more mainstream our "hobby" gets. It seems to me that we as a community need to anticipate events like this and take measures to…"
Jul 11, 2014
Justin Zito replied to Justin Zito's discussion Alternate motors options for helicopters.
"How about these from spinblade? http://spinblades.com/en/products/scale-4-blade-system/4-bladesyste...     
They're the company's "scale" blades and look to be a lot narrower then the usual asymmetrical sets, and they are about the same price as…"
May 27, 2014
Justin Zito posted a discussion
Howdy,       My name is Justin and I wanted to explore the idea of using different motors,  other then your standard sizes, in helicopters for fpv and surveying.   My thought is that in general traditional helis are intended to be serious 3D…
May 25, 2014
Justin Zito commented on Muthanna Alwahash's blog post UAE Application for public service drones award starts
"I bought one of their frames but felt it needed some refinement as far as stiff goes.  What I did find interesting was that the UAE announced something similar in the past and featured the safeflight copter and then shortly after safefligt shut…"
May 13, 2014