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Convergent photography projects are often for mapping vertical faces (like cliffs), or for flight circles where the drone flies in an orbit around a point of interest. These photos must overlap as well.



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nanawhite107 posted a discussion
I have a small circuit with an ESP8266, a DS18B20 (here is the ds18b20 datesheet) temperature sensor and a DHT22. I prototyped everything on a breadboard, and it worked fine. I then moved to soldering everything. My input Vcc is 5v, so I am using it…
Jul 19, 2017
nanawhite107 posted a discussion
I am going to be brief here. So I got my Atmega328p(this is datesheet of atmega328p) microcontroller from Arduino Uno(I pulled it out of the board). And then I bought my USBASP programmer chip to program my MCU. I properly installed its x64 drivers.…
Jun 30, 2017
nanawhite107 posted a discussion
I have a piezo transducer hooked up to 2 of my attiny85 pins, and I'm driving it via software in AC mode @4khz using a timer and interrupt.Here is the date sheet of attiny85:http://www.componentschip.com/details/Atmel/ATTINY85.htmlI would like to…
Jun 26, 2017