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I made nice progress - but not after having some bad experience.

As you may know I decided recently to replace DCM with the solution from Seb.

During my holidays in holland i got a terrible cold but i could work a little bit.

Not in terms of a total new framework but experience what to do and not.

I started to change the pid control loop using this guide: The balance filter

The biggest surprise was the amount of propellors used.

One hand is enough for counting :-)


Above a simple hovering in the garage.

and the same outside.

To me the result is ok.

I am happy to have something flyable in a short time frame.

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i have been struggling with gyro drift and up to now no real solution exists.

it effects the pirates and the newer arducopter2 code base because both build upon the same dcm implementation.


i played around with the pirate code base and could improve the situation a little bit.

and after a few trials i decided to replace the current dcm implementation by the quaternion solution from sebastian madgwick.


what i need is some more tuning and a better pilot :)

there was quite a bit of wind today. and gusty wind between the rain showers.

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