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Guidance for UAV design?

I plan on getting a bachelors degree in electronics engineering, and perhaps computer science as a double. Possibly going on to get a masters in one of them. If I wanted to work on UAV design, as in the technical parts, not the design of the aircraft

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Drone club idea for SEATTLE area WA?

I thought it would be an interesting idea to get to know any fellow DIYers out in this area, and possibly start a collaboration, or a group to be able to work on projects. I have a senior telemaster that I am fixing up in preparation for a drone proj

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How does ArduIMU and IMU in general work?

Something has been somewhat confusing to me. No matter where I look, I cant find a straight explanation as to how autonomous aircraft stabilize themselves. I know the Ardupilot uses thermopile sensors. Do real drone aircraft use thermal horizon senso

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Component fell off new Ardupilot?

I just got my ardupilot, but noticed something wrong. Next to the 8 pin square chip I noticed a lop sided black component. I touched it and it fell off. After comparing to the image in the manual, it appears there was nothing there in the first place

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Will this GPS work with Ardupilot?

I was going to get the EM406 1HZ GPS for $60, but saw that this d2523t 4hz GPS is only $20 more. I see that it has a similar connection, and output. I don't know if it will work though, can someone verify weather its compatible?

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Building first UAV

After some fun with the FPV plane I recently built, I was looking for the next step. I decided my next project would be to outfit it with an Ardupilot. I have looked at the Ardupilot before, and just did some more extensive research, and here is what

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