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zxo posted a blog post
 Hi all friends .This new Open Source case for Ardupilot Mega & GPS module & Receiver module & Telemetry module & Airspeed module .Telemetry module = Xbee Pro 900MHzGPS module = GS407 U-Blox5 GPS 4HzReceiver module = Hitec Optima 9Airspeed Sensor =…
Aug 16, 2011
zxo replied to Bob Anderson's discussion Schematic for HMC5843 magnetometer breakout board desired.
"hi all
please public PCB or EagleCad Board or EagleCad Schematic for "HMC5843 - Triple Axis Magnetometer Rev 1.2" .
Because the crash (yesterday ) , only the board is hurt and I want to make a new board .
please help me"
Jun 13, 2011
zxo posted a discussion
hi all friendsAirspeed sensor (MPXV5004DP) Worked in (ArduPilotMega 1.02) but the new version (APM 2.012) does not work on test mode !!When I use it like a message to:"airspeed: disabled"Why ?Profile System:1- ArduPilotMega IMU (v 1.4)2- ArduPilot…
Apr 10, 2011
zxo commented on Peter Koppendorfer's blog post DXF Files of the ArduPilot Mega plywood enclosure
"hi all Dear Friends !!
Thank you for the dxf files
Ardu-Pilot-Hausing pdf version : http://jblaox.persiangig.com/ArduPilotHausing.pdf
MEGA-Hausing pdf version : http://jblaox.persiangig.com/MEGAHausing.pdf"
Apr 9, 2011