APMed and ready

Bixler 2, lightweigth mapping platform


-APM 2, Arduplane 2.6, with bixler param




-w/flaps @ autoflap function

-Turnigy 5A BEC + Switch

-Turnigy 25A ESC


-Attopilot voltage and current sensor

-Battery 3s 3000mah T-nanotech

Payload: 1. belly GOpro HD HERO 2 with roll stab

2. GOpro HD HERO 2 with 5.8ghz 200mw VTx

All up weight: 1060-1120gr

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  • T3

    im posting the flight video here too, in case someone lost it


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    Hello everyone, 

    First Auto mission was bitter-sweet.  

    -I easily achieved 30min flight and throttle usage was perfect! the new airframe has plenty lift for a fully equipped autopilot, a gopro and 3s 3000bat.

    -Ublox RULES, i hat 10 sats all the time!

    -RFD900 Also Rules, no loss perfect signal plug n play, it was very cool @ 27db.

    -The reinforced fuse isolates and dumpens vibrations (even with the unbalanced prop adapter) from motor to camera (video comming soon).

    now the bitter stuff:

    - i took off very nose heavy just to be sure

    -My mag was totaly uncalibrated untill the last 8min of my flight, i can say if that was because it was my first flight or it was some kind of noise caused by the tight setup.

    -Bixler 2 hates everything contaning the word yaw. Iam not a tuning guru but every papam i touched caused oscillations

    - Flap feature helped the aircraft to gain Alt, but it introduces tip stall and APM is struggling to keep the frame steady, some fine tuning with the airspeeds will, i hope will fix it.

    - Circles at the end of RTL, wasnt centered or circles :)  again it may caused by mag, flaps, or rudder mix.

    Tonight i will post Tlog & Video

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    Good morning!

    I will make some Auto tests today!!  

    Maybe Yaw PID's are 0, because the polyhedral wing affects the roll when you Yaw.  if everything goes like my BIX 1, i will make some trials with different Yaw PIDS and airspeed PIDS just for curiosity. 



  • Thanks James.

    It just seems strange to me that the YAW PIDS are all set to 0, which actually translates in very very little correction (almost none should I say) at the rudder level. But since I still haven't found time to test in real flight I can't say whether it's good or not, or whether these PIDS should be fine tuned....

    Good to know these speed params, I might update mine accordingly!


  • T3

    no i just used the defaults, then i used the compare parametres button on MP and checked only the differences.  The only deferent thing i choosed was the min and max speed, from the airframe and motor capabilitys :

    Stall speed: 7,9~8m/s  

    Max speed: 23 m/s 

  • Thanks James, I've started myself to externalize few things which make things a bit clearer inside now.

    BTW, I was just going though the PIDs in MP after uploading the Bixler config, and just noticed that all SERVO YAW PIDs are 0.... Did you set yours differently by any chance?

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    the first lesson i ve learned is to remove the magnets, they mess with the compass and if they get realy close for long time, the damage could be permanent. i had a bixler pointing east for a week  :) until i figured it out

  • James Beautiful build! You have a lot happening in a small space I really like the rubber band!. I hold the canopy in my radian pro with tape it has magnets but I don't trust them

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    I updated the specs, if someone  interested

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    Hi Manu,

    yes, the gopro2 fits perfect betwen the two tubes on the belly.

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