ArduCopter - Frame parts

ArduCopter proto camera mount for Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 camera. Camera will be on right side and Battery on left side under belly of ArduCopter. This battery/camera mount replaces original BatteryMount

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  • very nice! I´m starting with arducopter and I have one bloggie!

    How I can buy this frame? I´ll try to use to FPV...


  • very nice, any chance theirs a proto gopro mount coming soon? just ordered a full kit....

    is it just me or is the bloggie's video kinda... jelowy
  • Lol . lets weight for Jani and se , he has some experience with this cam :)
  • Okay, after calling sony, none of there cams stream(at least that's what the sales rep told me) :(
  • heres another one:

    still not sure if it supports video out live while still recording though.
  • It's a nice video. Dan the bloggie has video out so can be used for FPV
  • looks like that cam would work much better for FPV than what many are using "gopro" just because of its shape. The gopro sits vertically while that sits horizontally and should reduce drag. I'm also interested if this camera supports video out(simultaneously while recording).
  • Jani , is this video on high quality from Sony Bloggie ?
    And does it have video out, so it can be use for FPV ?
    And one more thing, ivied seen in some videos that it has zoom option , is it possible to attach a servo( or something similar ) to the Bloggie and control the zoom ?
  • Developer
    It is still on proto stage, but I can make few available if needed. All my aerial videos in youtube has been taken by using this mount.

    Just like this video, I had lens bend down about 2° while shooting this. Small patches (3 x size of quarter) of soft "sponge" below and above camera to provide minimal vibration dampening.

  • Hey Jani, this is available for sale already? looks nice the mount.
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