corvid frame and legs with tape2

here you can see just how big this thing is about 38 inches long 86 cm between rotor shafts

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  • i got those from quadcopter USA they are 12x3.8 and cost 52.00$ a pair but they are really nice no tip flutter like you get from APC style props that large so there is NO vibration, and they required very little balancing work. here is the link to them, carbon fiber props

    make sure your motors have the power to run these props however. my small trycopter can not run them on the 460 e-flight motors it has now, they are too small. i was using the same avroto motors you see on the corvid frame on the trycopter, in fact 3 of them are from the trycopter! the supplier of the motors ran out and i had to put them all on the corvid when i could only get 3. the power output of these motors with this prop, running 14.8 volt 4000mha batteries, gives me a 15 min flight time for a 2.3 lbs aircraft  with a 1.5 min reserve the output of these motors and props are 60.3 oz of thrust and 423 watts of power per motor. hovering with this set up is very different from the current setup i have been using the aircraft hovers below mid stick in an almost lazy fashion and can lift a truly amazing paylod.

    i have yet to fly the corvid but it should be interesting with these props and motors. 

  • Please tell from where did you get carbon fiber counter rotating props


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