FPV Swift II

My fpv Swift II

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  • Developer
    I will try a spy camcorder first to get some video. I also have a Stryker II. with lots of road rash , I hit a no parking sign .... I will post video someday..
  • I run 3s 1250mAh Rhino lipo on it.. It can do unlimited vertical and i can fly up to 30 min. The motor is a Turnigy TR 28-26 16A 1900Kv, esc is turnigy plush 25 amp the prop is a apc 6x4e.. It would be cool to have fpv on a tiny wing like the pocket combat wing, i have seen a couple of small multiplex fox fpv but never a wing.
  • Developer
    Nice layout, I have a Pocket Combat Wing, It'svery fun to fly! When cg is just right.. very rugged too.. are you running 3s lipo? mahs? I may FPV it soon with 2.4 ghz with RC at 72mhz
  • It flies very good, handles wind better then the easystar i think, and it can climb like a rocket. Good flight time to, up to 30 min. Here are some videos of it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8gD7Ki1wnw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY0jC_DOqOg
  • Hello Peter L

    How well/stable does your Swift II fly. It looks impressive.
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