photo quad 3

photo quad 3

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  • thats cool

    i'll give it to scott

    the DJI WKM is an incredible system a friend of mine in Az has one on the S800, and let me fly it the last time i was there, aside from the extra bells and whistles it has the NAZA-M GPS and the WKM are identical in performance however the WKM is more flexible. i have not tried the ys-xs system but from what i have read it is the same as the DJI in using the Kalman filter system. i can tell you that my hexacopter that uses the NAZA-M fly's no different from the S800, i built my own version of there camera gimbal also and it is rock solid video from it so if you plan to do the areal video thing that would be the way to go with the waypoint ability and other things it can do

    anyway good luck with your Quad let me know how it is going


  • Daniel,

    Thanks for the response and the offer on the board.  Now that i look closer at the pic the DJI gps is obvious.  From what you are saying it sounds like i would just have the same problem with your board as i am with mine,  so i would like to see the board go to to the scouts for a little education.  thanks very much though.  

    I guess i'm very disappointed in the alt hold with this board.  whats funny is it works if i have it in alt hold mode or even loiter, which seems to hold rock steady.  But once i initiate a mission it slowly loses altitude and skims the grass then jumps back up at the next wp and slowly descends again.  crazy!

    i was looking at the DJI before buying this 2.5.  but wanted the autopilot and didn't want to spend a fortune on my first quad (the crash test quad).  i was also interested in the YS-XS system.  One of the two will be in my next build for photography.

    Thanks again.  i'll keep perusing the forums for a fix until i am ready for the next phase/purchase.

  • no problem i'll send you PM with my email and we can go from there

  • Either the APM 2 or one of the Flycams would rock. This kid is in my neighborhood and saw me flying and wants to do build and fly for a Scout project. Let me know and I can get you mail details. I'll make him write a nice thank you note too. Because kids love doing that stuff. :)
  • oh wow i just went to your page, i see your just up the way from me here in seattle it would only take a day or so to mail these to you if you want them i have to look but i may have some other KK boards also, these would be great for kids to start out on as well.

  • let me see what he says and if he doesn't want it its yours.

    i have to give him the chance first i also have 2 boards from minsoo kim at flycam complete with navi-boards and gps i,ll never use them they work ok for what they are basically a KK board with a gps/alt hold board attached both are good and fly well but are gathering dust because of the dji stuff i now own, i never use them.  i'd love to find them homes i hate seeing stuff sit like that not used and since there is better stuff for sale out there i cannot justify selling them so i will give them away i'll even pay shipping after all its not like there big heavy pieces of equipment

  • If he doesn't want it, I'll take the APM2. I have a kid I am helping learn about this stuff who would love it.
  • hi john

    i can understand your problem with the apm2.0 i tried forever to get ti to work and could not.

    the aircraft in the pictures, both of them, are flown with a DJI NAZA-M with GPS. i find it to be far superior to the apm 2.0 the dji uses a Kalman filer algorithm which is a very different way of calculating errors than the system used by apm2.0 you might want to google it and compare them

    if you want to experiment around with different settings and hardware and do things like adding other computer functions like 3d mapping and different sensors and stuff than the apm 2.0 is your board. if you just want to fly in a stable and reliable way with alt hold and gps hold s well as return to home than spend money on a NAZA-M GPS and don't look back it flew perfect for me right out of the box, i had the gain hooked to my aux 3 knob and adjusted its i flew it took about 2 min to trim is PIDS perfect. mine will return to the EXACT spot it launched from within like 6 inches on failsafe or RTH

    if you are set on the apm 2.0 however i will give you mine free if you send me an address to send it to i'll even pay shipping no joke

    the dji system is that much better the apm is just gathering dust. i have 2 naza systems and i want to get the NAZA-H for my scale helicopter

    hope this helps

    email if you have questions

  • Nice looking QAV500!

    I just started flying my qav with the APM2.8.1 release and am struggling with some of the PID settings.  It flies well for the most part and loiter works well.  However altitude hold doesn't work well alone or while flying a WP mission it slowly descends into the ground.  If you are having success with alt hold would you please share your settings?  I am also using sonar but it didn't seem to help much.  Thanks, John.

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