Stonebridge Road, West Des Moines, IA

Stonebridge Road, West Des Moines, IA

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  • I have been using medium as well. I am about to try narrow for a while to see how that works. I never use wide.

    I agree, if you want minimal distortion, get a conventional point and shoot.

    Thx for posting. That is a great pic of fall colors.

  • It is 127.. which I believe is medium.   For aerial photography using a gopro I wouldn't ever use wide... unless you want to feel like you are in a fish bowl.   Wide really is more for camera mounted to surfboard or snowmobile or ATV sort of shots.. not when trying to take a picture of something.

    This spring I likely will fly a standard canon ELPH.. at least some of the time to get more true to life photos that aren't severely distorted by the lens.

  • Which FOV setting was your Gopro? Narrow, Medium, or Wide?

  • This image is from a GoPro Hero2.. which you can tell mostly because of the apparent 'curvature of the earth' even though I am only 100 feet up or so.   I like the GoPro but the wild field of view and fish eye gets annoying after a while.

    This is just how the colors in the fall turned out.. I took this in September last year... which is actually stitched together from I think three images I took as a rotated on my axis using my quad copter.

  • How do u get that?

    Its Red(R+ normalized near IR) Green Blue photo or only segmentation of visible channels?

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