Top view of the TBS Discovery

ready to fly

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  • Lanmark, Farmer in Sw Iowa looking for a group of people to talk with about drones for agriculture. Sent you a friend request
  • I have a background in programming PLC's, which is a world different than c+, but I have been learning more and more tricks every day. So the programming does not really bother me. I understand PID loops but it is defiantly a leaning curve when applying them to a flying machine. Does anyone have the mediatek GPS? I am having an issue with getting it tuned right, as my quad requires quite a bit of trim to keep stable. Is there a way that I can manually trim the board so that it looks at these values when in loiter mode?

  • I have been very happy with my NAZA and WooKong-M.. excellent out of the box.. no endless tuning and tweaking and all of that.  If you want to do FPV I would recommend buying the newer NAZA as you can get the mini iOSD which gives you that head up display stuff without having to have another set of components like you would with EagleTree stuff.   I don't have much free time and I would rather be flying than tweaking.. at least right now.

  • Sorry to hear about the crash! I dropped my TBS last night from about 20 feet after switching out of GPS mode. Lucky I only broke one of the arms and I had a few spares laying around.. I am curious about the Naza. I actually have a chance to buy one right now from a buddy for $150. I have 2 of the APM 2.5's now. I ordered a Tarrot 650 frame last night, so we will see what that flies like when I get it finished.

  • I run a DJI NAZA on this so didn't have any issues flying it.   I constantly had a problem with too much weight in the back but that is pretty much the design.   After this picture was taken I sort of crashed it 100 feet up in a tree and recovery of the unit didn't go over so well.. I got it back together by replacing the two broken arms and damaged motor but ultimately I ended up moving to a different frame.   Right now I am going to move these components over to a frame.. since my intent with the TBS was for FPV flying at night..  this other frame with the shrouds will make flying and exploring at night a bit less risky as far as touching something and falling out of the sky which is typical with a open air quad copter.   I'll probably end up painting that white frame black :)

  • I also have the TBS frame. I am having a hard time getting it weighted right with the battery in the rear. What did you end up running for PID loops? I have been tuning mine for about 2 weeks now and have it flying nicely but it seem susceptible to the wind and is not as stable as i would like. Thanks, Erik

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