The top right button is for video. The one on the left is the photo button. Notice the extra wires on that one for the focus and shutter.

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  • Sorry there are no comments yet. I am not a big blogger and have not figured out how everything works yet.
    isobot is right, I am triggering the two step photo button on the left and the video record button on the right.
    All I am doing is making a contact just like the button on the Webbie does. I am using an RC Switch and an RC Twin Switch that I found at www.rc-flysoft.com/. They are a bit expensive but they are easy to use and very small. It weighs 115.5 grams with the wire I added. It works great but the Webbie won't let you record video and stills at the same time, so you have to stop recording video before taking a pic. I tested it for the first time today. I will add a couple of pictures I took today.
  • looks like a great setup what volt is your trigger?
  • looks like he is triggering the photo and the video-record remotely.....
  • Admin
    Hi Jason, What is mod for ? is that some sort of remote triggers + video output taken directly from board? thanks
  • how much weight did you save with your webbie?
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