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    Yes, to free up space in the fuse.
  • @Hein, you mean the camera? I was thinking the two batteries

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    @Tiziano - just mount it under the wing? I do that with all my Skywalkers. I add a small counter weight right at the tip of the opposite wing. It keeps the camera away from dirt as well.

  • Thanks David for sharing your setup. I am actually trying to use the Techpod for aerial mapping and the Sony Alpha does not fit. Maybe I should create some external battery holder

  • There's code for a baro alt base station to remove for the long term drift.  Someone just needs to build the hardware.

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    I've considered doing this as gps doesn't seem that bad at all over long periods, but resorted to sending up the baro offsets, which I suppose is safer. Perhaps once every 20 flights gps can glitch really badly causing a crash. Ekf ons gps alt maybe?
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    On flights like this has anyone experimented with giving the GPS altitude more bias using ALT_MIX: (

    I know it's claimed that GPS altitude is notoriously inaccurate but is it really that bad for this purpose?

  • Baro altitude drift can be nasty with long flight times. We've had to max out the GND_ALT_OFFSET over the course of a 3 hour flight. Large temperature changes appear to exacerbate the drift, such as flying early morning to mid day.

    Heres a post of our Lynx M with a 186 minute log.

  • Another design by Wayne Garris (TechPOD creator) which was stolen, see his sly comment near the bottom.

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