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  • man those are awesome, may get me to finish my quad...

  • My Vote for Mikonos No12 !!!

  • Chris, edit out one line in your post and you will reduce the clicks necessary to see the videos. :)

  • That is some amazing stuff there!! Thanks for the post. Number 6 is some truly great footage but i love the pilot's slow mo shot in 7. Number 5 is great but I had no audio, is that just me? i have to say the piloting in 4 impressed me the most, that tight control indoors and around people is great in those looong shots!

    My nomination: opening shot from the skate film, "Pretty Sweet"

    Whats yours?


  • Distributor

    Yeah # 6 gets my vote too! very pro grade editing, aerial shots are nice and balanced. 

    I see some bad jello at 45 sec on #9...  I also see more than 1 video that are breaking some basic rules...  

    still this is really nice looking stuff. 

    Just wait and see what next year Follow-me revolution will bring! 


  • amazing. thanks. no 6 definitely the best imo.

  • Thanks for the share!

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