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  • ok it says 15k drone, not 15k drone and camera and gimble.

    perhaps 15k Arial system or 15k drone system., but hey not a big deal, just didnt see anything on the multirotor its self that make it look like 15k

  • @Jared - Well, the camera and gimbal are about $10k by themselves. So $15k is about right for a DJI pro setup.

  • also what made that worth $15k?

    i saw nothing special

    Frsky is a far better alternative, even futaba.
    I have owned 3 spektrum radios and none have ever been worth their cost.
    As for the multirotor, it is a multirotor not a helicopter?

    As for using GPS, when the thing is flying off, gps begins to sound like a good thing to try, but they didnt!.

  • @Hughes - That's an excellent point, thanks. I think you'll find that most pros don't use GCS as it's more clutter and complexity to carry around. It's easy to get full telemetry without one and when filming you have enough to do. You would probably have to add a third person to the team to use one. But take note of one thing. At the end of the day the OP got the shot and delivered the product as he's probably done time and time again. That's a pro IMHO.

  • MR60

    @Darell, yes it would have saved the day because your GCS (in APM world, once again I do not know if/how it is in the DJI world) serves also as a RC control stick replacement (no need for GPS, no need for net connectivity).

    I encourage you to take a look at the gcs "droidplanner", for example.

  • @Hughes - But he didn't have 'net connectivity or GPS. So that means no maps and no ability to RTH. I really don't  think a ground station would have helped. Most pro video set ups don't use them.

  • Taranis with the teensy telemetry mod if it were APM would have shown the GPS coords also, could have saved them many mossie bites :0 GCS could have RTL too. Some nice ways to recover in APM/Pixhawk world if something goes wrong, and it always does eventually.

    If it were DJI couldn't he just turn off the remote and have it RTL?

  • MR60


    a GCS is an alternate communication channel to your drone to send control commands via mavlink. Obviously this applies to the Arducopter (APM, Pixhawk) world. I am not sure if DJI supports such funtions or not.

    Best of all , it is free and uses nice point and click graphical interfaces. You do not even need a PC because you could use droidplanner (android app) to do just that (it gives you RC control via telemetry link).

  • Looks like DJI.

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