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  • what kind of autopilot are you using?

  • This is why you wait for good gps signal .... after all what's 1-2 minutes to 15k ?

  • @Hughes - How would a GCS have saved the day?

  • 'Break' being a phrase everyone can understand.

    Those of us in the techno-nati understand that either the pot in the stick went south or the channel failed, got reassigned, or something along those lines. Betcha that one gets some attention on the bench at Spektrum.

    My DX6i had the dreaded 'bouncy pot' issue. I sent it in for replacing the pots. They changed both gimbal assemblies, updated the firmware, recalibrated the TX and sent it back... for free!

    I simply paid shipping one way.


  • MR60

    How can you break a tx stick? Lesson learned: never fly without a gcs, that would have saved the day.

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