2014 UAV Challenge Outback Rules Released


The rules and dates of the 2014 UAV Outback Challenge have been released - http://www.uavoutbackchallenge.com.au/index.cfm?contentID=49

The aim of this challenge is to design/build/operate a UAV beyond line-of-sight to search and 2.5km area for a missing hiker and drop a bottle of water to them within a 60 minute time limit.

The is a AU$50,000 prize for the winner, which is yet to be claimed.

Last year's first-place holder CanberraUAV used a APM2 based Mugin UAV and successfully found the missing hiker. Unfortunately, the bottle drop mechanism malfunctioned before they were over the hiker.

This competition attracts entrants (both amateur and university based) from across the world and it would be awesome to see more representation from the DIYDrones community.

(FYI - I am part of the CanberraUAV team, so I'm happy to provide further advice about the challenge)

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  • Ausdroid: according to the challenge rules, Joe will be wearing a high-visibility jacket. It should be noted that there's other high-viz things such as roof and water reflections within the search area, making the filtering a bit more difficult

  • Has Joe been wearing the same clothing for all the challenges?  Are teams trying to filter for the hi-viz jacket?

  • Seriously... Lets put DIYdrones.com on the map with this Aussie comp... although we should probably use a softer name.... the connotation in and of itself suggest something bleak.  Albeit, it makes sense to us but it challenges the public to smack it down. 

    So... if anyone wants in... I'm going to figure out a way to get a thread up an running to really make an impact on our efforts... What shall I call it? Hmmmmmmm

  • Was inspired by CUAV and the other teams while watching at Kingaroy 2012 to give it ago.

    Sutherland Shire UAV

  • I went to the site to register.  The only thing I couldn't come up with is a team name.  Otherwise, I'm all in.  If anyone wants to collaborate please contact me.  I'll be putting together a presentation for funding for some already committed organizations.  They want to see the plan. 

    In response to Tridgell, I'm anticipating putting the battle inches from his hand or in it.

    There is lots of work to be done so don't hesitate to offer help.  I think I may need to start a thread.  If there is any interest, I"m located in San Antonio, TX but travel is not a problem.  I'd like to have some DIY involved as well. 

    Check out WWW.GEEKDOM.COM to see the potential sponsorships that I will be addressing. 


  • Ha Ha, I'd love to but my time is getting chewed up racing multicopters! :)

    Actually I have a ATTO Pilot V3 here if anyone wants a good cheap autopilot??

  • Melbourne UAV has played a big part of the OBC success.You guys are UAV Rockstars! Encore!! Encore!!

  • Yeah, it's easy to say but another thing to do :)

  • Moderator

    Go on Scott...if just for the video challenge still the best.

  • Developer

    Please do Scott! I hope 2014 is finally the year the judges need to get out the tape measure to see who wins.

    Unless of course someone manages to land the bottle on Joes nose :)

    Actually, that raises an interesting point - where on Joe do the organisers measure to? We got within about 3m of Joe in 2012, so its getting to the point where we need to know if we should aim for his head or feet :-)

    Cheers, Tridge

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