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  • I got one of these for a fraction of the price of the gopro. Video quality is excellent.

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    Slightly off topic sorry, but I wish the go-pro had an interface that we could work with to communicate with the APM/PX4/pixhawk flight controller.  I suspect we will have tighter integration with the Canon camera's 'cuz of the chdk interface.  The Go-pro interface is still pretty unknown.  We'd like to be able to do things like reliably set the modes (not just fire-and-forget), take pictures and if possible even tag the photos on the camera.

  • Friend just picked up three from the REI Garage Sale. Missing some accessories, but nothing he needs. Paid $79 for one, $115 for one an d$150 for the third. I hate him.

  • I got my GP3 Black naked edition for $173 US from lxrcmodels, they honoured an original price they had up 6 months ago :)

  • Availability:  OUT OF STOCK  :-(

  • I dunno, $280 is really a spectacular price for a black H3  - I paid $400 for mine and despite the hassles still feel that was a bargain in comparison to anything else available. This outfit has free shipping and a 30-day return-anything policy and as Gary indicates most of the troubles were with early units... I would jump on this myself if I didn't already have one.

  • Wow, even the GoPro site has discounted it to $329.00 and the Silver edition by $50.00 as well.

    I'd say that is a pretty clear indication they are coming out with a new camera too.

    Clearly timed for the Christmas rush.

    I bougt a Black when they first came out - complete disaster, kept crashing and trying to burn itself up if you didn't take the battery out immediately after it crashed.

    It WAS NOT a firmware problem even after their tech department had me reload the firmware completely 5 separate times.

    Spent over 15 hours on the phone with them and they were still sure it was a firmware problem.

    Finally returned it still withing the 30 day return period.

    The first batch of these had many examples (check others complaints) with this problem which GoPro denies to this day.

    Sort of like Microsoft XBox 360 and flashing lights of death.

    I'd probably be willing to buy one of the "old" Blacks now, but I'll probably wait until the new one comes out.

    And then I'm going to wait a bit longer.

  • TCIII, 

    I actually did have issues with my GoPro3 Black when I first purchased it. Here was my experience:

    1) First one: Returned due to audio issues

    2) Recording stopped after 2-10 minutes: Purchased a better SD card, resolved the issue.

    3) Power would drain within 1 day of being powered off with WiFi off: Firmware update resolved this

    If that is true about the new release then I would just wait because you will probably see this price drop across the board. Other than that mine has been running great and I run FPV directly through the USB port.

  • The rumor on the GoPro forums is that they'll be releasing a new GoPro next month, and this price drop is probably a good indicator that it's true - let's them move the old inventory out before the new one is added.  The general consensus is that it's probably going to be faster framerates at the higher resolutions, so maybe even 30fps in their 4k mode. 

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    Hi All,

    Before purchasing a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera, you might want to checkout this discussion concerning the GoPro Hero3 camera: Hero3


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