$350 3D printer! Makibox A6


Found this project on the kickstarter like site Makible.com. It´s a 3d printer project called MakiBox A6 that's going to cost $350 including int. shipping. Its supposed to be able to print with the same quality as the reprap, 

I like size of the machine and its perfect for printing parts to my arducopter, like motor mounts and landing gear. Hopefully are they able to develop the model within the time limit since its still in early development. Look at the video of the X and Y axis under.

link to site

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  • Hi, I'm the designer for the MakiBox. Thanks for looking at my project. 

    To answer the questions here so far:

    Foam Carving - Possibly it might work with the planned routing upgrade. That upgrade will be more intended for PCB making than something quite so 3D, but all the axises are driven in the same way, so would be able to be uniformly used for 3D cutting with the right attachment. That is an interesting use case, I'd like to find out more.  

    Shipping time - I'm about to start ordering the electronics for the first 100, so should be on time to ship by end March. The schedule is to have the final prototype by the end of the current funding period and go straight into production. The parts are all rapid manufacturing for this batch, so CNC and laser cutting, so only about a 2 week lead time for larger quantities. 

    Software - We will make sure it works with ReplicatorG and Pronterface. Files can be generated by anything that can make STL output, so most cad software and there are many models available on sites as well.

    Makible - I'm just one of the founders of the site. We wanted to create a new site for product projects only that helps a global design pool. Kickstarter you need a US bank account to use, which leaves out many people. Also, since we tie into the manufacturing directly, we help products come to the market much more quickly and smoothly than funding only sites. We are just opening the site up for others to post up, so the MakiBox is the first of what should be many projects and not just my own for sure. 

    General - I'm also a founder of the local startup community here in HK (http://startupshk.com) and founded a not for profit community incubator and cowork space called BootHK (http://boot.hk). 

    If you have any more questions, please pass them along. 


  • For my sake, I hope you are wrong Ellison Chan. Only time will tell, I gonna hum "don´t stop believing!" til the end! :P

  • i have a winter stop  but  i have a vid of the big print i am making.



  • I have doubts about this website.  It appears to me like it's either a pure marketing website for this Jon Buford guy, or even potentially a fraud site.  The only projects on this site are for one person, Jon Buford.

  • It doesnt look as if they will be able to ship early march...

    the video linked is from early february, and it looks as if they are still strugling with the basic mechanism, not to mention full functionality of the machine...

  • no its not kickstarter, but the same kind of site, looks like its the only running project that site have though.

    I find it unfortunate since they do not get the attention they would have gotten if they used kickstarter instead. 

    Hopefully the printer will be able to do what they promise, and that its doable for that price. For  350$ this could be the breaking point for home 3d printing for the masses.

    What do you guys think? anybody printed parts for their jdrone arducopter with a 3d printer?


  • Is this really Kickstarter?  The site seems to be "makible.com" nor kickstarter.

  • I haven't gotten it yet, they say that they will ship by the end of march. So I do not know how the interface is like. I read on the page that they are going to use replicator g. The same as other small 3d printers. Never tried a 3d printer before, but hopefully its not too difficult.. :) I have always wanted to make my own stuff, so I'm hoping it's gonna be good.

    Regarding if it can print in foam, I don't think so, I think they are printing in abs plastic, so it's probably more suitable for mounts and stuff like that,
  • I like it alot, what's the user interface like?
    Can it carve a foam fuselage?
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