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The new Viooa smart-camera combines 360-degree optics with an on-board Nvidia processor to add some pretty amazing functionality to Solo. 



The Inevitable Smart Camera Evolution

Size and Weight:

  •  Camera: 133mmX118mmX50mm / 5.2”X4.6”X2”
  •  Adapter: 85mmX75mmX27mm / 3.3”X3”X1”
  •  Camera: 176g
  •  Adapter: 110g
  •  Optional impact and scratches-resistant cover: 12g
 From -20° to 50°C / From -4° to 122°F


Video Mode
  •  UHD-4K 3864 X 2160 30fps
  •  2K 2048 X 1080 30fps
  •  HD 1080p 1920X1080 60fps
  •  HD 720p 1280X720 60fps
  •  SVGA 800X600 60fps
Video File Formats
 MP4 / H.264
Photo Mode
 8.5 Megapixel 3864 X 2202
Photo Mode
Audio Format
 Mono, 48 kHz, 64 kbps AAC


 Mac OS X, Windows players
 YouTube and Facebook 360° video players
Smartphone and Tablet
 Windows, Android, and iOS
Virtual Reality (VR)
 Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, FatShark, Zeiss, and more

Supported Platforms:

 Phantom 1, Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Inspire 1, S900, S1000+, Matric 100, Solo, Iris, X8, Yuneec, A2, WooKong-M, Naza-M, Pixhawk, APM, Walkera, custom-built, and more
 Quest UAV, Lehmann, UAV Factory, X8 platform, custom-built, and more


Field of View
 360° X 180°
Number of Cameras
Sensor Technologies
 Fully synchronized Global Release technology with constant exposure, white balance, and image enhancement


 Real-time, onboard
 High precision GNSS < 1m, 56-channels, GPS/QZSS and GLONASS
Image Enhancement
 Gyroscopic/accelerometer sensors and image processing algorithms for camera orientation and stabilization
RC Receiver / Autopilot
 S.BUS and CAN-Bus inputs
 MicroUSB 3.0 for updates and image/footage downloading
 Bluetooth 4.0 to interface with the camera’s settings
 Built-in microphone
 MicroSD up to 256GB card for full 360° or snapshot coverage recording
HDMI Video Output
 Lightbridge, Connex, Teradek, and more
Analog Video Output
 FatShark, HobbyKing, ImmersionRC, Boscam, and more
RC receiver
 Supports Futaba, Spektrum, JETI, and more
 Supports DJI, 3DR, Airware, MicroPilot, Paparazzi, and more


Power Source
 Supports input LiPo 3S-6S (11.1v-22.2V)


 Real time point-of-Interest (POI) output, recording 360° footage
First Person View (FPV)
 Real time point-of-Interest (POI) output , recording 360° footage – image orientation is disabled
 Leveled geotagged snapshot triggered by time/distance or by autopilot
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  • +1 that Patrick! 

  • As they say... Where's the beef ?!?!

    Show me more than specs. , show me pictures, diagrams , code , convince me that this thing really works and that is more than another KickStarter video ....

    I can do optical flow and deep learning on my laptop no problem.. but doing sense and avoid in real time on a flying vehicle is another ball game, there are many contender in this field, but actually very few can achieve this goal. I am pretty convinced that it will be mainstream in 2 years, but now if you pretend you do, show me how

  •  addition comments:

    i see the video carefully to find the point of optical flow and deep learning, the arrow of red and blue show takeoff and landing operation, and  the moving car blocked with linear frame show the motion object  tracking and recognization, also the road is marked and the longside forest is isolated  with different color. how powerful processing capability of on board processing unit that is ! I could not imagine to provide lots function through real time processing algorithm.but i believe this is true for out DIYer. thanks !

  • well , it is perfect to unveil more details about this product to grasp the customer rather than termology  piling up.

  • Well the idea is pretty solid, I believe there is a market for VR on drones, eager to see more!

  • But what can it do?
  • Never mind, I just saw Nvidia on your post. Let me ask then, is it Tk1 or Tx1 board?

  • Hi @Chris, do they use Nvidia's tegra series as a computational platform? We are doing similar things as a thesis (indoor navigation and online mapping of the environment)

  • Hopefully we will  get real spec and operational details... There is no  information on  the advanced  capabilities, like the ground facing optical flow real time deep learning,  just superficial information and the proverbial ''patent pending''.. So, until someone provide us with serious information, I will consider this as a 3 x 120 deg camera arrangement with stitching

  • ONe question; the usual question: when will it be available?

This reply was deleted.