3Ch plane, why not?

The question is simple: why spend money on 4Ch plane, Co-Pilot & co??I want to try to setting up a 3Ch plane with ArduPilot, somebody have any experience?I choose the Multiplex EasyCub, 1400mm wing span.


Maybe I will use a yaw gyro to fix unwanted roll.
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  • 3D Robotics
    We recommend the 4 channel Superstar EP
  • well i think that with high wind i dont fly :D

    what's a good 4ch alternative??

    We can make a plane cassific for UAV.. 3ch and 4 ch based on personal experience!
  • get the 4 channel... you'll need the ability to roll at some point specially on a crappy landing in high winds.
  • Sorry, I've read the Ardupilot 2.0 post after.. :D
  • Moderator
    Avalable from FMA.
  • The FMA sensor will be sold as spare?
  • 3D Robotics
    Or just wait for ArduPilot 2.0, within the month.
  • mumble mumble so it's better choose a 4ch plane..
  • 3D Robotics
    That will work fine with ArduPilot 2.0, which is optimized for the 3-channel EasyStar. It won't work with ArduPilot 1.0. You'll find that drift in that yaw gyro will have you nose down in the ground within a minute, unless you have accelerometers to calibrate it.
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