Anyone else building an autonomous rover perhaps for Robomagellan or Sparkfun AVC? Do you have a multiplexer on your one-off, scratch built autopilot solution? If not, I built something just for us. :)

Picture your robot driving right at a curb or a wall. No problem, just take over with an RC multiplexer installed. It's saved my bacon plenty over the last couple years. APM users no doubt have many similar experiences with their built-in mux.

They're now available for pre-order for $12. I'll be ordering R0.2 boards soon.

Now, you may recall the AVC prohibited RC transmitters. Well, the mux on Data Bus been invaluable during testing, primarily. I'll be using one of these boards on Data Bus in prep for The 2014 AVC.

  • 3 R/C channel multiplexer, designed especially for rovers
  • Reliable, standalone design; keeps running even if your autopilot MCU doesn't
  • Color-coded pin headers for fast, correct installation
  • Fully assembled
  • Easily select between autonomous and manual control
  • Two inputs: R/C and MCU, clearly labeled on the board
  • Two LEDs indicate autonomous or manual control.
  • Onboard regulator
  • Compatible with common 5V, 5.5V or 6V BEC
  • Power rail transmits power from BEC to Receiver, Servo, MCU
  • Firmware pre-loaded or program the ATtiny13 yourself
  • Open source (hardware and firmware)



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  • Looking good!  I'm in for at least one! :)     I think SparkFun needs to rethink this.  I get the idea they don't want to see people following their bots around with RC remotes.  I think an simple transmit/receiver setup should be made...  and it can ONLY kill power.    That way, it cannot be used for other purposes, that would give people the ability to stop a run away bot, without giving much room for cheating.   To prevent cheating even more on day of event give each contestant a "certified tx/rx kill switch".  The TX transmits an "enable command", if it's lost.. the receiver turns off a relay and the bot stops.  You are only allowed to have 3 wires on the rx.  Power, Ground, and Signal out which should be connected to the input of the speed controller.

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