3D Delta Printer was born... by Nhadrian


Hi, I'd like to share my 3D printer design and building.

The idea itself came from Kossel Mini, but I completelly redesigned according to my needs and experiences.

Finally I got a functional ABS printer, with dia.220 x height 250 mm printable volume. Till now I spent on nearly 1100 USB on this project (with some support in 3D printing, I only had to pay for filaments) and linear rails would take another 500 USD (described above). So if anybody would like to reproduce my design, take this into account!!!

The complete 3D model including stl files can be downloaded from the project's GrabCAD page, along with further renders and pictures.

All electric parts incl. controller, motors, hotend, etc. were bought from Think3Dprint3D, many thanks for the continous support during building process!!!

Here is a sample video printing an extruder gear.

***Please note that this is fully a personal DIY project (I did in my quite limited spare time), without any donation or help. Because of this I can't give any support on building one or modifying plan/files for personal wishes, please don't send me PMs or email related this. ***

My last upgrade will be moving to linear rails from the roller design, 3D model already included in the GrabCAD package. Hence the price of linear rails, I'm still collecting funds for buying them. (The roller design also works great, but there is some abrasion on rollers, so I'm sure they'd need continous replacement uppon a while.)

If you find my work useful and would like to support my continous development in DIY world, you can donate by paypal (nhadrian@gmail.com), any donations are wellcome! Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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  • Cool design, thanks for sharing!
  • I forgot the most important thing, many thanks for the RepRap community and T3DP3D for their development!!!

    Regards, Adrian

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