3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 and FPV goggles


Today I want to publish a series of pictures on how you can obtain stereoscopic video 3D FPV flight camera The BlackBird 2.

Method 1 - use 1 video transmitters (1 VTX) and 1 video receiver (1 VRX)

In this way we can pass 3D video formats such as SBS, SBS CROP, INTERLACED


Method 2 - use 2 video transmitters (2 VTXand 2 video receiver (2 VRX)

In this way we can pass two 2D video with left and right video sensor


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  • 1) The video glasses Fatshark predator v2 does not support 3D video

    2) 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2generates 3D video formats, SBS, SBS 16x9 CROP, Interlaced - You can use Oculus DK 1, DK 2 not working PC

  • Does the blackbird allow selection of sbs, interlace etc? What format does oculus use?
    I am very tempted to get a backbird, looks great!
  • Hi can i use Fatshark predator v2 with the blackbird?
    Or i must get different goggles also?
    Thank you
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