3D FPV camera The BlackBird


Hello! Today I want to tell You about the company's product FPV3DCam (fpv3dcam.com), a little and beautiful, you can say first of its kind - 3D video camera for fpv. 

And thus, meet - The BlackBird is the smallest and cool 3D video camera real time.

Let's begin the discussion with the appearance of The BlackBird. The BlackBird is the representative of a class without hull cameras and looks like a small box the size 34 x 34 mm, consisting of two video modules, connected by a two reliable 7 pin connectors. Such design allows to separate modules and change the length of stereo connecting them with connecting cable, as well as detachable design allows setting of convergence.


On the front of The BlackBird are two lens 3.6mm ( maybe 2.5 mm, depending on set of delivery, lenses standard M12), led - indicator, holders of lenses, which are hidden ultra compact high quality video sensors OmniVision OV7950 on the sensor 1/4" CMOS. The size of the array of pixels 656 x 492, image quality 470 TVL.


Rear 3D camera is a board to the locations of electronic components - all parts are soldered to the Board very efficiently and accurately. Also here is an interface connector to connect The BlackBird to the video transmitter (video glasses, monitor, etc) and voltage. By the way, the range of supply voltage camera from 5 to 12 volts, allowing you to use LiPo batteries 2S or 3S.


The outgoing video signal from the camera is transmitted in the format NTSC 525/60, 3D - Field Sequential 3D, which allows to use standard video transmitter in FPV system. And get in the video glasses quality Video in 3D, which allows us to more accurately navigate in space. The person using The BlackBird in FPV, feelings when managing rc model become more real, he feels the speed, volume, perform any complex maneuvers, becomes an easy game... you Can tell people use The BlackBird in FPV begins to look at this world with two eyes that originally given to him by nature.

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  • Ok enough, there are two versions of the video one was low res for ease of upload the other was high and is noted as being the raw file, if you go to my YouTube page you will find lots of test videos. the high res video was loaded in the highest resolution I could get, the file was huge, and took YouTube a very long time to upload.
    There is really no point to discussing this further with you, I am sorry you were not able to build your own 3D camera, until you are willing to accept that others have made a very good 3d camera for FPV, you will never believe it is capable of 3d imaging, and it really is a great piece of tech. as for the 210 lines, I am not sure where you get that from,it is 480 per display in your goggles not 210, yes it is field sequential but it is mixing 480tvl per camera into a 960tvl image. this is what your brain is interpreting, any pixillation you see is from differences between display and camera a 960 line image will still look grainy on an 800x600 display, and fat sharks are even lower resolution.
    So please stop telling me the blackbird can not do what I have seen it do. I have hundreds of FPV hours flying in 3D and I can tell you, it works as advertised.
    And to call it 3d like is just silly, no it is not as good as an eye max camera, or the mk1 eyeball, but for 100$ it will give you the ability to tell distance, depth of field,and even at high altitude it allows me to see hills and the terrain much better than you will ever see with a single 2d camera of any resolution.
    So please stop criticizing it without trying it, if you don't like the idea of 3d FPV, fine you don't have to fly that way. The rest of us think it's a pretty great thing.
  • Good video and I'm agree with you about Youtube codec killing everything. But I'm not sure about the original video too. Because OV7950 Chips designed for low light surveillance and car rear camera applications and have only 492 pixels. Most of camera manufacturer classifying it as 420TVL because of effective pixels. Not big deal for youtube. But your video including 2 frame in one frame. This is why the resolution suffering in youtube. Maybe you should re-render the video in virtual dub as 720p and upload again for better quality.
    420TVL is not bad resolution but It will reduce to 210TVL for each LCD of your googles and I guess it is enough for FPV flight.
    I was working with OV series chips for same reason at the past(making 3D FPV Camera) but stopped the project because of the quality and very limited 3D capability of this kind of devices (reasons in my old comments). 
    Now we are playing with 700-800TVL CCD cameras but problems and reasons continue. I guess someone must be reduce the prices of HV video transmitters :/ 

  • Yes that is my video :) I filmed it using my 250 mini quad and used no 3d support from YouTube they just destroy the video quality. it's best to upload the file in subs and just let it play way. Most big screens that support 3D will play it without any help from YouTube just fine. The quality still sucks buy that's YouTube. The view through the head play goggles was amazing 100% better then the video YouTube messed up the color between the images also. Again anyone who can get close enough for me to get together and I will let you see it for yourself
  • This video was shot Daniel... And believe me it's not the best video, glasses all much better...

  • Hello Daniel,

    Sorry I was busy and just checked the site and read your comment.
    No problem, I can change my mind if any scientific explanation have about it. 
    I just watched the 3 videos of Cy Lon and this is what I was talking about "3D like"
    In all videos  coming from crossed eyes cameras and cameras pointed to the few meters away from the quadrocopter.  If you want to take real 3D video, the cameras must be perfectly parallel. And you can recognize this from far objects. Just watch the videos, all far objects have twins. In normal conditions far objects must be one and nears must be double. 
    If you can take a video with parallel cameras, I will glad to believe 3D works in FPV for far objects.
    I guess you happy with 3D , no problem just continue but I still need a scientific explanation :)

    And a good news, I found a blackbird video on Youtube, I think It's quality better than other shared videos.


  • thanks Cylon

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  • anyone thinking of ordering up a set of these cams do not hesitate!   I love these cams for flying close proximity,  when I fly throught the woods I get the full immersive experience.   I use prober 920 goggles and they are quite adequate for me.

    here's a few vids of raw vid capture from these cams.   I had to route a cable out the window to connect my computer to the vrx so I was kind of stuck in a bad spot for signal, but you can still get a good idea of what the image quality is like.




    this is the type of flying i like to do,  I don't think it would be as fun or easy without the blackbird3d cams.


  • also i think you will find the resolution better with the blackbird,i have the emr labs 3d cam both the old one and the new, and i have found the blackbird to have much better detail resolution at a distance than the emr labs camera,for that matter the old emr labs cam had better resolution than the new one, or mine is that way anyway, i am also experiencing flipping of the 3d when i switch from my flight cam to the gopro and back, on my tbs pro which the blackbird doesn't do.

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