3D modelling with Pix4D or AutoDesk reCap 360


I want to share my experience with 3d modelling an archaeological structure called "Midas Monument" located at Yazılıkaya, Turkey. It was relatively an easy task, if you have right hardware and software. And I want to thank to dronmarket.com for the encouragement and give-away a RTF drone.

I started with taking photographs, of course your Images need to be processed with GPS data on Images' EXIF. About 9 min. flight allowed me to take 180 photos at interval of every 3 seconds. It was a free flight, not an autonomous, I knew the basic rules, so I tried to keep focusing on structure and flying in circle. You can find basic information on Ardupilot's Wiki



As I mentioned taking 180 photos took 9 mins. Then I went to home to process the Images, Pix4D was my first try. 

It analyzes all the Images and creates point cloud.


Using Pix4D feels like using other CAD programs, its relatively easy.
Proccessing took 8 hours on my computer, its a Dual Core PC with an old ATI graphics card. Pix4D also offers cloud rendering which is nice if you have an old computer like mine.
Finaly, texture is added and now we can render a HD video. We need to add camera positions.


This is the rendered video.

And this is Sketchfab model which I exported from reCap360.

Images from AutoDesk reCap360, completely cloud rendered but limited to 50 photos if you don't have a subscription. 



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  • Hi Omer - No A360, check you PM.

  • Hi Omer -

    PM sent !

    Once we make contact, I will need you to send me some info

    so I can set up the 3D modeling session.



  • Hello Gil, 

    If you give me your e-mail i can share photos with you, photos are provided by courtesy of dronmarket. Thank you for your interest.

  • Hi Omer,

    I am running a business built around the Acute3D Mesh Engine.

    I would like to give your dataset a shot so we can evaluate the results

    compared to the other modeling solutions. Please PM me

    if you would like to give this a try. I can send you the resulting model

    for your own evaluation.


  • After trying dronedeploy it become my favorite service. :) 

  • Good analysis. Looks like the texture and lighting is better in Pix4d. Which did you come away as a better experience?

    If you up for it - give us - dronedeploy.com a go - I'd love to see how we compare

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