3D Printable Folding Micro H-Quad


Hello, a few weeks ago another DIYD member posted about my 3D printable micro h-quad frame design. I posted the files to thingiverse.com about 2 months ago. In that time it has got a lot of attention and has become a featured "thing" on the site.

I have launched a web store that sells frame kits for those without a printer. Hardware kits are also available for those with a printer but don't want to source all the little pieces.

When printed in ABS, the frame has proven to be quite durable. My flight test team and I have crashed ours quite a bit and they continue to hold up.

The frame is designed for FPV and shooting video with a mobius or gopro. The upper level is separated with 6 vibration dampeners that do a great job of removing jello even with unbalanced props and low quality motors.





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  • Nevermind, I see in the comments that you noted a 200mm print bed is necessary.

  • Maybe this is a dumb question, but what are the dimensions? Don't see it on the site anywhere. Isn't that important for what printer you're using?

  • MR60


    Great h frame.

    By curiosity, what is your webshop software?

  • Primarily the Tau Labs sparky. Have a few other controllers I am going to be testing with as well.

  • T3

    What FC are you using on it? It might be fun to have something tiny to FPV.

  • @Glenn, not yet but I plan on designing a hex version

  • Was there one of these that's a hex? I'm quite interested in something around this size that has a gimbal for a gopro.

  • I have one of these with Sparky on it. It is really well designed and super fun to fly.


    Awesome work!
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