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  • how much did the parts that you dont print cost? just a question becouse I think of making one myself.

  • Forgot...which software tool did u use for designing?

  • HI. 

    1) Which FF controller did you use?

    2) How takes it long to print id?

    3) Is it possible to add camera mount?


  • Pretty cool!  How much does the printed frame weigh?

  • Developer
    Great one! I loved the perfect fit of the dome.
    Its clamping on arm without bolts.
    Congratulations by the nice design!
  • very nice, I downloaded the files and will print one...thanks for sharing the files...


  • This proofs it!!!!!   Vampires are not scared of Lions!

    Great Job 

    What is the size of the Vampire ?



  • Moderator

    Great Job Matthew :)

    But you print also the tile ? What is the dimension limit of your 3d printer ?



  • Did you you MultiWii controller?

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