3D printed FPV NIGHT racer - 170 mm size

Hi! After my successful first project a friend of mine asked me to modify my design for night flying with a built-in IR LED. We worked together on this way, and the result is quite promissing! Further details and test results can be found on his blog page. Check out his other DIY projects and builts too, quite impressive!!!

After initial testing I made some minor changes on the frame according to his suggestions, ie. screwed upper hull instead of magnetic fixing. The final version of the frame 3D model can be downloaded from the project GrabCAD page

Technical data:

  • Motor to motor distance: 170 mm
  • motor mount: 4 x M3 screw (on 12 and 16 mm diameter)
  • frame weight: around 130g with suggested print settings (top + bottom covers)
  • motor angle: 0 degree
  • camera angle: 30 degrees up

Suggested FDM printer settings for Polymaker Polymax-PLA:

  • 4 layers all around (top/bottom and perimeter)
  • 40% infill (3D honeycomb suggested)
  • 0,2mm layer height
  • Support as needed
  • 215C print temperature, BUILDTAK print surface.

Suggested electric components:

  • BeeRotor ZoeFPV 1806 2900 KV motor + 4" prop or similar
  • FVT Littlebee 20A_S ESC (or similar, max. dimension: 24x13x6 mm)
  • F3 or F4Flight Controller, any FC can be used with 30,5x30,5 mm hole spacing, but maybe USB port will be covered by frame)
  • PDB - optional
  • 200...600 mW mini 5.8 GHz Video TX (ie. BeeRotor 25-600 mW) + antenna 
  • miniature transmitter RX according to transmitter system
  • Runcam OWL camera (or other with same housing)
  • 12mm diameter buzzer (optional)
  • led stripe (optional)
  • OSLON SFH4725S IR LEDs on a 4-LED arrangement plate
  • 1A LED Driver, ie. RECOM (mount in the frame is for RECOM)
  • RC controlled switch for LED to prevent over heating when on the ground - optional

Please note that this is totally an experimental DIY project, try it on your own risk, I'll not take any responsibility for possible damages or other issues!!! 

If you think my work is useful and would like to support my further prototypes, you can donate by paypal (nhadrian@gmail.com) or any useful electric components are wellcome.

Happy flying, regards Adrian






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  • Diatone F3. The hole on the frame is for the external USB linker given for the Diatone FC.

  • nice, which flight controller you have used ?

This reply was deleted.