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  • For sale?
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    would like to see the end result of those printed legs...
  • I've been using my Makerbot TOM to print out more stable landing gear for the arducopter.  I get a lot of wobble on those legs during takeoff.  You can only print objects up to roughly 100mmx3 so unfortunately you cannot use it to print out custom props unless you do some heavy modifications to the bot - my next project.


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    Most types of rapid prototyped plastic parts are only a fraction of the strength of injection molded parts so you can't use the same way of thinking when you design them. I always consider how they will delaminate in a crash. You can use Cyano or acrylic solvent to harden them up a bit, but I never had a part survive a decent wreck. 

    That and the GoPro is also heavy/dense. Plan on it rocketing out of that assembly at full speed during the crash. But don't worry, GoPros are built like tanks. I've had 4-5 crashes onto concrete from > 20ft and all I'll had issues with are small chips on the lens.


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    I'd like to see the video from the camera.., I see one potential problem here:
    It will shake too much :(
  • Once I get mine up and printing nicely maybe we can set something up to produce for sale at the diydrones store or something. Possibilities are endless.
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    @bGatti. I'm too busy with autopilot stuff to really focus on the MakerBot, I'm afraid (plus the small matter of the day job, books, five kids, etc). Too many cool toys, not enough time.
  • @chris,
    I am reminded that chris acquired a maker bot, but we are waiting patiently for a post about the cool flyable thingys being printed on it. Not to pry, but can we gently request a progress report?
  • @jason,
    if self-printed, one can reprint the weakest link. With good design, the weakest link is small and easily replaced :)

    (someone else posted that a $5000 board will always protect a 5 cent fuse)
    I am reminded of our city government which replaced the broken $15 basket ball hoops with heavy duty basketball hoops, only to watch the $300 clear backboards shattered.
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    Looks nice, but I'm always afraid stuff like this will break with one wreck.
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