3d Printed Mini HexaCopter


I Have been working on this 3d printed hexacopter for some time now let me know what you think of the design ive been entertaining selling them and or the STL's so you can print them yourself here are some pics and some gimbal video feedback good or bad is much appreciated also if you would buy it what would you pay for it3689626459?profile=original3689626295?profile=original3689626349?profile=originalhttp://youtu.be/bDSipO_EQhE


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  • That is brilliant pet the legs on the yaw axis of the gimbal so they will always be out of the way ill get right on that this is why this forum is awesome you guys are full of good ideas
  • Todd, It is nice to see something other than the usual FPV mini quad. As for cheap servo retracts, they are a pain. I use them usefully on some of my custom efforts used for real estate videography but mostly you just need the legs far enough out of the way to do (+- 20 degrees) yaw tracking. Wider fixed legs would work. If you could integrate a yaw axis motor rotating landing legs you may still be able to keep the weight under 1kg and just use one of the lightweight Tarot-derived 2-axis designs. I suspect that would be a little challenging to design but I would pull out my credit card in a heartbeat.

  • Very nice!
  • They pulled it for the music ill repost it in the am
  • Looks great. Tried the vid but 1st is not available and 2nd is private. :-(
  • http://youtu.be/R2-uloRiTmM new video after tunning some more

  • 3c lipo 2200mah 1804 2600kv motors 5x3 3 blade props 10a simonk speed controllers apm mini 2.6 cheap china 2 axis gimbal flight time is around 15min still working on trimming the fat fully loaded its less than 2 pounds and the gimbal and sjcam weighs 10.4oz without the gimbal and camera I have flown 30 min and probably could have flown longer without the gimbal and legs it weighs 1.5lbs it will fit a 2200mah and two 1100mah batterys inside the frame as far as a 3 axis gimbal it is possible the added weight will reduce flight time you are adding another gimbal motor and 2 servos to do the retracts on the legs it doesn't  seem like much but its a lot of weight I plan on redoing the gimbal it is overly heavy I can cut that weight by at least 33%

  • Interesting. Nice effort. Can you get a 3 axis go pro gimbal on this. Either printed or a DYS. Think landing gear would need to be tweeked to allow that. You could build rotating 3rd axis landing gear/gimbal--that would be radical. What is the AUW? Battery/Motor combo you are using? Flight times?

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