3d printed mini quadcopter


After various CAD atempts to design a quadcopter that is both practical and functional, but not the "standard" design, this is my first prototype. Features:

  • single screw to lock/unlock the body cap.
  • Motor arms with internal wiring are replaceable
  • Front camera internal
  • all up weight 560 gram with lipo
  • Low c.o.g.
  • Full SLS nylon parts 1/3mm



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  • This frame look pro! Is there any chance you will upload the .stl files??

  • T3

    Not to sound mean at all, and I don't really care that you don't post the files, but isn't a lot of what comes from this site and is also shared open? I can understand how we should go and make something ourselves to share but if Jordi and Chris kept everything closed from the start, this site wouldn't be what it is today. If you're going to try to sell the frame from profit, that's great and a very nice looking vehicle but a lot of people here also spend a lot of time working on some impressive things and then go on to share it with everyone so don't be surprised if you get requests. If anything, think of it as a compliment!

  • Hi,

    It is a mini quad with tiger 2206 motors. For all people who request for stl... I will not post them. I encourage you all to make something beautiful and share the pictures on this site and inspire others. That was my idea when sharing this. A lot of my inspiration comes from this site!
  • T3

    Super cool, what motors are those?

  • Can you post the .stl files please?


  • Only 560g total? I don't see how unless it is in the micro-quad class.

  • Yes just the printed parts. SLS Nylon is stiffer and stronger that the abs printed material. The aluminium is purely for the color.

  • The SLS would make it a little stronger too right? And does the added aluminum help with strength or is that just for looks?

    Nicely done!

  • For just the frame right?

  • more like $250

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