3D Printed TBS Discovery Brushless Gimbal

3689572985?profile=originalI decided to have a go at designing a brushless gimbal for my TBS Discovery because I didn't want to spend another $500 to buy a TBS Discovery PRO.

Designed to work with Tiger GB2208-80 gimbal motor ($30 each), had an Alexmos BGC lying around, you can get them for about $80.

The camera is balanced so that the lens is in line with the roll motor.  If the FPV camera isn't used the roll motor can by mounted on the centreline of the TBS Discovery.  

Another feature is the ability to mount the camera upside-down and have the pitch motor away from the FPV camera, yet still keeping the lens lined up on the roll motor.

The final design feature is the usb port still being accessible and a simple elastic band to retain the camera.

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    Did you ever post the files for this?
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    The Flashforge 3D printer I bought at the end of last year was the purchase of the year.  It only cost me $1100 for a fully built printer, and the results have been great so far.

    Prior to getting the printer I had been trying to learn ViaCAD, with not much luck.  It was supposed to be very intuitive, but I found it easier to draw in Adobe Illustrator.  A friend recommended a 3D mouse, which I bought and found didn't work with ViaCAD, so I found Autodesk Inventor which worked with the 3D mouse, I watched a few tutorials and within 2 weeks could do much more with Inventor than 6 months of ViaCAD.

    The TBS gopro gimbal only took me about 30 mins to design in Inventor.  The rest of the time was printing, waiting, testing the fit of the go pro, changing some measurements, and reprinting.

  • I like your design a lot! I made a very similar gimbal for my quad back in July, and after that I started selling them online.  The price difference is crazy between printing one and buying a junk CNC one. The plastic is a lot lighter, ABS is pretty durable, and you can make it with variable infill to make certain parts stronger. 3D printing is huge, definitely a game changer for the UAV world. Are you using solidworks to design yours? I was able to figure out the balancing using the Mass Properties tool, and finding the CG. 

    Here is a pic of my current design on an S800-- my site is


  • 3d printing is an awesome tool when prototyping stuff for rc vehicles.  i just bought a roll of "flight test orange" filament for my future printed creations - it seemed to be an appropriate color.  the more you design and print parts the easier it becomes to get it right the first time.  


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        Very nicely done!

  • Very nice work! I'm envious! I'm starting to build my 3D printer at the moment and hope I can produce work like this :-) 

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    Trial and error. The coolest thing about 3d printing is that you can go from idea to prototype in a couple of hours.
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    Very nice. How did you model the material density+Gopro to have the COG exactly on the roll axis ?

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    Nice one Hai

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    There are some tweaks that I would like to make, including pushing the gimbal forward 1mm to ensure the roll axis does foul on the frame, and also reducing the slots on the roll as it doesn't seem necessary to provide that much adjustment.

    But when I am done I will make the STLs available in thingiverse
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