3D Printing My Own Personal Robot Servant


Well, as you can see, I've started with the arm.  This puppy has reduction gears, driven by a stepper motor.  I'm planning to power the forearm with metal gear servos. Of course with slight modifications to the segment ratios, this is also going to be the legs of my robot.

I need more steppers and drivers, which are on order.  This prototype is a result of several months of work, and almost 3 kg of plastic was used, in trial and error, before this stage has been reached.

Right now, all points of rotation are fitted with plastic printed bearings, but I've got some steel 26x17x5mm bearings coming from China.  Not sure if they will be needed, since everything runs rather smoothly with the plastic bearings.  Just some grease would make things run like silk.

Maybe it will help me clean up my room.

By request of Dany here's a video of it being run off my TOM's motor controller.  Excuse the scruffy attire and lack of grooming. ;-)

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  • Ellison, your idea of sharing a grouped bulk filament order is great!

    Perhaps, other people are interested in joining, just PM us.

    I print with a Makergear M2 and 1.75mm ABS mainly.

  • You should check out Gael's latest.  He's well on his way to building an entire android, not just a hand.

  • Thanks for the vid ! I will need a 3d printer too someday, especially when I see that kind of projects :D
  • Hey Coptaire, the InMoov is cool, but it's powered by servos and strings.  It's very anamorphic, but I want an industrial type robot. More mechanical.  Also, if you're interested, maybe we can split a shipment of the filament in have.  I think 25kg is too much for a single person. It's probably a 2 year supply.  PM me.

  • Congrats Ellison!

    you could add this 3D printed hand InMoov, your picture says it all!

    I probably try the same chinese filament supplier, buying 25kg of ABS to reach a good deal on shipping cost.

    3D printer is UAS/UAV best friend!

  • Dany, you asked for it, you got it. Added above.

  • Distributor

    Ellison, you know us.... we need VIDEO!! :) 

  • I found a Canadian supplier which sells the purple stuff @ $29/kg.  Guess it's not a popular colour.

    I'm going to order from a China supplier in bulk, who's selling it for $18/kg.

  • I assume you have a source for plastic in bulk!

  • Hey Diederik, it's a Thing-O-Matic, from MakerBot.

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